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Galla was born in the city of Tver in the Russia.
She disliked her name until she became an artist, she added the second 'L', to avoid confusion with Gala Dali and so acquired a perfect harmony with modernized name "GALLA".
She has the diploma of the National School of fine arts of Venetsianov specialty: "interior designer".
She has decorated buildings and paintings on the walls.
At the same time she did many exhibitions in Russia and in other countries.
Quickly, she became a famous artist and designer.
Always looking for new techniques, a day she makes his first work mixing the painting and textile.
Later she continued her studies in the Institute Kirue in Kirovograd (Ukraine), speciality: "an outside designer.
Galla works in many techniques: painting and pastel, graphics and collage, textiles and furniture. These are very different areas. "My dream is to invent a style that would bring together all my abilities."
Galla is an artist and a happy woman and has always been interested, material possessions and fame was never his goal, for it is not important, the key is to realize what the breakout, the emergence of each work reminds for her the birth of a child comparable to pregnancy.
Creativity is his love, and not to trade in his love, she worked at the same time in other activities.
Galla worked as a journalist in journals and magazines, such as announcer and editor on television, head of design of the workshop; She has written several books, has staged some shows, directed several documentary films.
"I've always worked with great pleasure because all my work has been related to different creativities," she says.
It sews clothes and creates jewelry, revamps furniture, practical photography and gives lessons in drawing and painting.


·         2016 - Trophy of the design to the Quilt, Maastricht, Holland European Championships
·         2016 - Price special Quiltmania at the Championships Europeans of the Quilt, Maastricht, Holland
·         2016 - The audience award at the Festival of arts of the wire in Forcalquier
·         2016 - Textile art biennial (Quilt expo in Beaujolais) Jury Award

Guest of honor

·         2016 - Textile international exhibition, Suzdal, Russia
·         2016 - Textile exhibition in the manner of the artists of the 20 °, La Capelle - Bleys, France
·         2015 festival KUROCHKA RYABA, Saint Petersburg, Russia
·         2013 - Textile festival landscape, La capelle-Bleys
·         2012 - Festival of textile Costumes and ethnic embroidery, La capelle-Bleys
·         2011 - The mosaic of patches of Russia, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Past exhibitions

·           2016 - Vendeequilt, La Roche-surYon, France
·           2016 - Championships Europeans of the Quilt, Maastricht, Holland, (the design trophy and prize special Quiltmania)
·           2016 - Festival "fil en fête" Saint-Jean-d'Angély, France
·           2016 - Textile international exhibition, Suzdal, Russia (guest of honor)
·           2016 - Textile exhibition "in the manner of the artists of the 20° Century, La Capelle - Bleys, France (guest of honor)
·           2016 - Festival of "flax and the needle" of the Valley of the Dun, in Seine-Maritime (contest charms)
·           2016 - Arts festival of the wire in Forcalquier, France (audience award)
·           2016 - 5° Quilt Expo in Beaujolais, Villefranche on Saône, France (Jury Prize)
·           2015 - Festival KUROCHKA RYABA, St. Petersburg, Russia (guest of honor)
·           2015 - 3° festival of "wire in wire", Chabeuil, France
·           2014 - Festival of textile arts, Brioude, France
·           2013 - 4° Quilt Expo in Beaujolais, Villefranche on Saône, France
·           2013 - 2° festival of "wire in wire", Chabeuil, France
·           2013 - Exhibition of patchwork, country house France, Mornant, France
·           2013 - Textile exhibition the tree, landscape, La Capelle - Bleys, France (guest of honor)
·           2012 - 3° Quilt Expo in Beaujolais, Villefranche on Saône, France
·           2012 - 1° International exhibition of Patchwork and textile art, (competition), Girona, Spain
·           2012 - Exhibition textile "Costumes and ethnic embroidery", the Capelle - Bleys, France (guest of honor)
·           2011 - Show of the needle in party, Grande Halle at la Villette, (competition), Paris, France
·           2011 - Exhibition in the Art space of the IUFM, (competition), Bourges, France
·           2011 - 2° Quilt Expo in beaujolais, Graves on anse, France
·           2011 - Exposure of textile textile Art space, Sainte Marie - aux-Mines, contest, France
·           2011 - Exhibition of textile  "Aigu'illes en Luberon", Valley of Aigues, contest, France
·           2011 - Exhibition of textile, Harelbeke, contest, Belgium
·           2011 - The mosaic of patches of Russia Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia, (guest of honor)
·           2011 - "Me , Varègue " to the Village of creators, Lyon, France
·           2010 - "The house of the laughing cow", contest, Lons-le-Saunier, France
·           2010 - Exhibition of textile "the laughing cow", Courcelles-les-Montbard, contest, France
·           2010  - First Quilt Expo in Beaujolais, Grave-sur-Anse, France
·           2010 - Exhibition as an array, contest, Villeneuve les Avignon, France
·           2010 - Salon ART of the QUILT, contest, Morzine, France
·           2009 - Exhibition of Patchwork at the FTC, Salleles D'aude, France
·           2009 - Salon trends creative, contest, Marseille, France
·           2008 - European Patchwork Center (EPC), Salleles D'aude, France
·           2008 - Salon "ID creative" Clermont-Ferrand, contest, France


Prague Patchwork Meeting

Prague, Tchèquie
6 -8 Avril 2018
« Crossing oceans »

Biennale Internationale d’Art Textile

11-14 Avril, 2018
Parc Expo de Villefranche sur Saône, France
« Crossing oceans »

Festival Singulièrement Vôtre

7e édition
Du 18 au 21 Mai 2018
la Maison Pour Tous
Frédéric Chopin


30 mai au 2 juin 2018
Moulin des Evêques

Quilt Canada 2018

Vancouver Convention Center,
Vancouver, Canada
31 Mai - 2 Juin 2018

festival " Le fil en fête "

29-30 juin et 1 juillet 2018

The Festival of Quilts

Birmingham, Angleterre
9-12 aout 2018 (concours)

Art Quilts / Patchwork

Benalmaden, Espagne
Castillo Bil-Bil
7-16 septembre 2018

Carrefour Européen

Sainte- Marie-aux-Mines, France
13 -16 septembre 2018 (concours)